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March 2015  Issue No. 428

Inside this months issue...

California’s Water Situation Worsens in Past Month (p. 1):
    Read our story of the month  here.

DFA Manufacturing/Distributing Imitation Cheese (p. 1):
    The Borden’s division of Dairy Farmers of America is selling “Sandwich-Mate” – imitation cheese slices.

What’s Dean Foods Up To??? (p. 2):
    The nation’s largest fluid milk processor isn’t hitting on all cylinders. Recent months’ revelations of internal Dean Foods’ documents show a desperate effort to boost margins and get a handle on accounts receivable (especially from Walmart).

Dean Foods: 2014 Loss, Little Cash on Hand (p. 2):
    Preliminary reports from Dean Foods indicate a modest loss. But the company reported only $16 million cash on hand as of 2014’s end.

February 2014 Class III Price is $15.46; Class IV at $13.82 (p. 2):
    Manufacturing class milk prices in USDA’s federal milk orders continue to fall, reflecting key commodities’ prices.

Collapse of Cooperative Marketing in Northeast, Mid-East and Southeast (p. 3):
    Too much milk has caused milk-marketing chaos in many parts of the country east of the Mississippi.

USDA Requests Comments on FMMO Issues (p. 3):
    USDA has requested a wide-ranging set of comments involving future operations and, indeed, continuation, of federal milk orders. Comments due April 13.

2014 Mozzarella Output was Dairy’s Shining Star (p. 4):
    Last year, U.S. Mozzarella production hit an all-time record: 3.983 billion lbs. That’s an increase of 6.5% atop 2013’s total.

Good Question: What about “Reblends” and Monthly “All Milk Price” (p.4):
    We try to answer a dairy farmers questions about the impact of dairy co-op marketing loss deductions (“reblends”) upon USDA’s calculation of the “All Milk Price” for the new “milk margin insurance” program.

Several Class Representatives Petition Judge to Replace Plaintiffs’ Lawyers in NE Dairy Antitrust Litigation (p. 5):
    An unusual turn of events in the Northeast dairy antitrust litigation … Several lead plaintiffs have written the presiding judge, asking that their lawyers be replaced.

“The System” is Making Milk Irrelevant (p. 5):
    Snowville Creamery owner Warren Taylor explains why dairy leadership’s conventional wisdom is taking the industry in the wrong direction.

Free Trade Update: China Using Foreign Investment Protections (p 6):
    Contributor Jim Eichstadt takes a hard look at global trade negotiations. He offers many cautions about ongoing trade talks.

OIL, Corn & Milk: Three Commodities with Common Headaches (p. 7):
    Pete Hardin explores the supply-demand & price headaches facing these three important industries. Emphasis on prodiction is killing prices.

Roundup Ready: Manure and Mother’s Milk … the Gyphosate Curse (p. 8):
    Writer Paris Reidhead starts what will be at least a two-part series about the workings of glyphosate-type herbidices and their potential harm to human beings.

GMOs & Diseases” – A Transformational Presentation by Dr. Warren Porter (p. 9):
    Pete Hardin widely summarizes information presented by Dr Warren Porter at the late February 2015 MOSES conference in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Dr. Porter presented a wide range of human health issues relating to genetically-modified crops and their accompanying herbicides. He also reviewed other human health data involving agri-chemicals.

Clear Horizons Controversy Continues amid County’s Warning, Town’s Settlement (p. 10):
    Jim Eichstadt continues with his series on the failing manure digester in the Town of Vienna (Dane County, Wisconsin). The latest: the operator has been given a letter from Dane County demanding a plan to improve operations within 30 days.

DMI’s Outlandish Executives’ Compensations Varied Dramatically Under IRS Reporting Rules (p. 12):
    “Nontaxable benefits” one year, “deferred compensation” the next. Bonuses and “other compensation.” Pete Hardin tracks the ridiculously high salaries and compensation to top executives at Dairy Management, Inc. – the behemoth behind spending dairy farmers’ promotion check-off dollars.

Scenic Central Annual Meeting: Growth in 2014 (p. 12):
    Pete Hardin reports on the annual meeting of Scenic Central Milk Producers – a 300-member Wisconsin dairy cooperative that operates with efficiency. Less than 1% of total revenue went to administrative costs last year.

Dairy Commodity Scene: Milk Powder Prices Weaken (p. 13):
    Milk powder demand and prices are weak. But demand for cheese and butter seem seasonally okay.

Empire Specialty Cheese Misses Another Plant Start-Up Date (p. 14):
    Writer Nate Wilson stays on the case of Empire Specialty Cheese’s continued failure to meet announced deadlines for start-up of its new (taxpayer subsidized) plant in western New York. Nest date? April 1, 2015. (April Food’s Day).

NJ Health Dep’t Slaps Empire Specialty Cheese (p. 14):
    Writer Nate Wilson reveals what New Jersey health officials found during their inspection of Empire Specialty Cheese’s plant in Fairfield, NJ following a fire in October 2014.

Summary of comments to Scenic Central Milk Producers Annual meeting (p. 15):
    Pete Hardin summarizes comments he made about dairy agriculture, livestock husbandry, and cropping practices at an annual meeting of a small, Wisconsin-based dairy cooperative on March 3, 2015..

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