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Dairy Industry Links
Learn more about issues covered by The Milkweed

(Some links require free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

U.S. Dairy Policy: Foundation for the Future

FFTF: Web site detailing NMPF’s “Brain Dead” dairy proposal.

FFTF: the U.S. House Ag Committee link to Rep. Collin Peterson’s discussion draft, fact sheet and detailed summary.

USDA Dairy Market Information

Dairy Market News” EXCELLENT SOURCE OF MARKET INFO -- as good as it gets, published weekly at 3 p.m. Fridays.

USDA Dairy Market Statistics Dairy Market News annual summaries 1996- 2010.

USDA Dairy Yearbook Annual data through September 2005 on production, supply, use of milk and manufactured dairy products; also includes wholesale and retail price indexes, prices received by farmers, milk production costs, and regional shares of U.S. milk production.

USDA Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook: Tables

USDA Monthly Milk Costs of Production

USDA Federal Milk Marketing Orders

USDA Dairy Division Key Contacts who to contact on federal milk marketing order issues.

USDA Federal Milk Market Order Info with links to individual federal order websites.

U.S. Congress

Congressional Record Index 1983-2011

Thomas Legislative Search Engine look up Congressional bills by number and key words.

U.S. Government Information
Drought Monitor -- provides info on current drought conditions across the U.S.

U.S. Govt. Printing Office source of all official U.S. government documents.

Federal Register publishes all proposed and final federal regulations.

EPA’s National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center information and toll free hotline service to help farmers comply with
ag-related environmental regulations.

USITC “Year in Trade 2010” latest annual report on U.S. trade agreements, trade data, etc.
USITC Import Information Industry/Commodity Group: AG010 Dairy produce (Quarterly Update) U.S. imports, annual and year to date, January-March.

Dairy Imports

Fonterra global dairy giant, formerly the New Zealand Dairy Board, is the world’s largest and most aggressive dairy exporter.

Cairns Group  learn more about the Cairns Group and its members’ “vision statement” for a free trade and open borders.

FDA Import Refusals  listing of dairy products & other imports rejected for poor sanitation and other reasons

Global Trade Watch  a project of Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen group, provides resources on government and corporate accountability in the globalization and trade arena.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) EXCELLENT source for global food/trade issues. Also see  Globalization, the IATP’s resource center on the FTAA, agriculture and related topics.

Indian Dairy Industry Backgrounder lots of information on the world's biggest milk producer, a nation "all set to become the world's largest food factory."

Canadian Dairy Info from Dairy Farmers of Canada. Good source.

NMPF Import Watch Quarterly Reports:  Import Watch 4th Qtr 2010 Import Watch 3rd Qtr 2010 Import Watch 2nd Qtr 2010 Import Watch 1st Qtr 2010 Import Watch 4th Qtr 2009 Import Watch 3rd Qtr 2009 Import Watch 2nd Qtr 2009 Import Watch 1st Qtr 2009 Import Watch 4th Qtr 2008 Import Watch 3rd Qtr 2008 Import Watch 2nd Qtr 2008 Import Watch 1st Qtr 2008 Import Watch 4th Qtr 2007 Import Watch 3rd Qtr 2007  Import Watch 2nd Qtr 2007 Import Watch 1st Qtr 2007 Import Watch 4th Qtr 2006  Import Watch 3rd Qtr 2006  Import Watch 2nd Qtr 2006 Import Watch 1st Qtr 2006 Import Watch 4th Qtr 2005  Import Watch 3rd Qtr 2005  Import Watch 2nd Qtr 2005  Import Watch 1st Qtr 2005  Import Watch 4th Qtr 2004  Import Watch 3rd Qtr 2004  Import Watch 1st Qtr 2004  Import Watch 4th Qtr 2003  Import Watch 3rd Qtr 2003  Import Watch 2nd Qtr 2003 Import Watch 4th Qtr 2002  Import Watch 3rd Qtr 2002  Import Watch 2nd Qtr 2002  Import Watch 1st Qtr 2002

UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) responsible for Codex and other global food safety standards.

UN FAO Report on 3rd World Dairy Farming see our Hall of Shame page photo.

U.S. Dairy Export Council TOTAL WASTE: dairy farmer-funded export promotion and free trade lobby group.

MPCs & Casein Imports/Canadian Milk Imports

GAO Report on Milk Protein Concentrate, March 2001 
Infoshop.com Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) - Consumers Must be Warned - by Brenda Cochran and Donna Hall
CropChoice News Got MPC? includes comments by John Bunting of The Milkweed.
Conditions of Competition for Milk Protein Products in the U.S. Market the U.S. International Trade Commission’s report requested by Congress. Click report link under "New and Notable" section.
Bunting MPC Testimony presented to the U.S. International Trade Commission hearing on behalf of the National Family Farm Coalition.
“Free Trade”: WTO and Other Trade Agreements: 

WTO Agriculture Trade Negotiations the big picture, where unelected trade bureaucrats decide your future.

U.S. Agriculture Trade Negotiating Proposal U.S. government's plans to sell livestock producers down the river.

Free Trade Agreement of the Americas official website of the FTAA, with copies of the draft agreements, ministerial declaration, timelines, trade databases,  etc.

Globalization information on WTO and related issues published by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Dairy Publications/Blogs

 Graze Joel McNair's magazine covering alternative milk production systems.

John Bunting's Blog a discussion of a wide range of dairy issues.

FDA: Food Safety and Dairy Product Standards of Identity

FDA Center for Food and Applied Nutrition deals with food safety and standards, including natural cheeses.

FDA Standards of Identity for Dairy Products -- Cornell University site containing comprehensive list of links to FDA Standards of Identity for Milk and Cream, Cheese and Related Cheese Products, and Frozen Desserts that are listed in the United States Code of Federal Regulations. Standards of identity are legal definitions of food products.

News story from Scripps Howard News Service Feb. 8, 2006 What is cheese? FDA wrestles with issue


The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Study on Multipotential Carcinogenic Effects of Aspartame

CNN/Money.com news commentary Dec. 7, 2005 on  Arguing about Ice Cream: Cherry-vanilla water buffalo ice cream

Alan Guebert Farm and Food column for Oct. 23, 2005 Not Milk

GMOs and Other Food Issues

CropChoice.com EXCELLENT SITE: an alternative news and information source for American farmers and consumers about genetically modified crops, corporate agribusiness concentration, farm and trade policy, sustainable agriculture, wind farming and alternative energy, and rural economic and social issues.

Food Marketing Policy Center, U of Connecticut.

National Milk & the Big Dairy Co-ops (with “friends” like these, who needs enemies?)

National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) dairy co-op processor lobby ... will they ever get it right?. WTO Free Trade "White Paper"

Dairy Farmers of America largest U.S. dairy co-op, “the biggest horse in the barn makes the most manure.”

Dairy America four U.S. dairy co-ops hire Fonterra (formerly New Zealand Dairy Board) as their exclusive milk powder marketer!

DairiConcepts DFA-Fonterra (formerly New Zealand Dairy Board) joint venture on cheese, milk proteins, etc.

Land O Lakes dairy co-op & dairy importer - hanky-panky behind the Indian maiden???

Other Dairy & Ag Groups

International Milk Haulers Association Milk hauling is a critical, if often not fully respected, sector of dairy, and milk haulers have much in common with farmers.

National Family Farm Coalition a national link for 34 grassroots organizations in 32 states, involved with credit, trade, and farm and food policy issues.

R-CALF USA Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America: THE alternative voice of grassroots cattle producers.

Dairy Processors

Kraft Foods major user of MPC.

IDFA The gospel according to Tip and "T--s", the big dairy processor lobby.

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