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Inside the May 2018 Issue (Issue No. 466): “STORY OF THE MONTH”: PowerPoint Panels from ADPI/ABI Meeting . . . Other Dairy Headlines: Will U.S. Trade Threats Bear Fruit or Backfire? (p. 1): . . . All Dairy Commodity Prices Rising, Farm Milk Price Improvements to Follow (p. 1): . . . Suspicious Organic Corn on the Way to the U.K. (p. 2): ): . . . Recent NMDM Price Boosts Welcome, But Skeptics Remain (p. 3:) . . . USDA Lowers 2/28/18 MFDM by 8% (p. 3): . . . UW-Madison CDR Project Finally Ok’ed (p. 3): . . . The New York State Dairy Farm Crisis (p. 4): . . . Giving the MPP-Dairy Another Change for 2018 (p. 5): . . . Gillibrand Proposes a $23.34 Milk-Floor Price (p. 5): . . . Is the Corn/Soy Non-Rotation Losing its Grip? (p. 6): . . . Late “Grilling Season” Impacts Beef & Overall Meat/Protein Complex (p. 7): . . . R-CALF: DOJ Should Block Nt. Beef Purchase by Brazil’s Marfrig (p. 7): . . . PowerPoint Panels from ADPI/ABI Meeting (pages 8-9): . . . EU: Emerging “Tail-Wagger” for Global Dairy Commodity Prices (p. 10-11): . . . Ntl. Organic Standards Board Reviews Fraud Charges. Solutions? (p12): . . . Young Dairyman Sees Little Hope for Farm Like His, Sells Out (p. 12): . . . Butter, Cheddar & NFDM Prices All Increase (p. 13): . . . Dairy Livestock Values Generally Down (p. 14): . . . NMPF’s CWT: Expensive Export Subsidies … Or Covering Legal Bills? (p.14): . . . Central Equity Milk Co-op adjusting to plant closing (p. 15): . . . WI DNR grants WPDES Permit to Pinnacle Dairy, LLC (p. 15): . . . 2018 Shaping Up as a “Weather Year” (p. 16): . . . . . . SUBSCRIBE and Get AND MUCH MORE!!! . . .

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"STORY OF THE MONTH" •  MAY 2018 (Issue 466):

PowerPoint Panels from ADPI/ABI Meeting (pages 8 & 9)

Pete Hardin's March 30, 2017

Dairy Town Meetings Stream Live or Downloadable:
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Amended Milk Powder Lawsuit Alleges Fraudulent Criminal Activities by DairyAmerica
Just Click on The Above Headline

Amended Milk Powder Complaint - 02/10/2017

Help Stop Beef Imports from Foot-And-Mouth Infected Countries

Latest Northeast Anti-Trust Lawsuit



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Recent Dairy Trade Mission to Cuba: Q & A with Bob Wolter
What You Need to Know about Foot-and-Mouth Disease

NZ’s Failed History of Dairy Product Quality

Firm Tried to Sell NZ Glue as MPC in Wisconsin


NZ Dairy Menace Extends Far Beyond Recent Botulism Scandal


NPR: Independent Farmers Feel Squeezed By Milk Cartel

USDA Milk Powder Pricing Fiasco & OIG Report

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